Understanding Beginner Roulette Strategies

There is something satisfying about heading online, throwing down bets on Roulette, and potentially even winning a few rounds. It’s the sort of thing seen in movies, though in cinema the hero always seems to have unnaturally high luck. In real life throwing down random bets is far less likely to succeed, and you’re almost certainly going to walk away with a lighter account.

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The Biggest Online Casino Wins In History

Everyone dreams of striking it lucky, landing a jackpot, and never having to work again. Though few ever will land a multi-million dollar payout, those that do certainly aren’t going to complain about beating unfathomable odds. There have been some incredible online casino payouts, with amounts that really do defy even wildest expectations.

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Essential Online Casino Tips For Beginners

Anyone entering the world of online gambling will immediately notice a few things. First that internet technology certainly has come a long way, with an amazing gambling experience offered even on mobile devices. The second thing noticed will probably be that there is an incredible number of options available. There are dozens, even hundreds of online casinos, all of which seem to be perfectly viable. This begs the questions; where should a newcomer start, and how does anyone know they’re getting a good deal?

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iPhone Pai Gow Poker Details and Guide

If you enjoy playing games on your iPhone Pai Gow Poker comes highly recommended. It’s a blend of the popular card game with the Chinese domino game of Pai Gow, and uses a 53-card deck incorporating the Joker for an extra twist. It’s a refreshing change of pace, but don’t be fooled by its leisurely feel. Your potential wins will definitely get your heart racing!

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Reviewing 5x Magic Slot Online

Reviewing 5x Magic Slot Online for Casino Players

5x Magic is an online slot powered by Play ‘n Go.  The game takes place on a stage with a red curtain. Above the reels the title of the game 5x Magic flashes on the screen.  The game has a retro feel to it and features 3 reels and 5 paylines.  The symbols are reminiscent of the classic arcade games and the sound effects of arcade games can be heard in the background.

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Find out The 6 Million Dollar Man Online Slots Guide

This online slot is based on the popular TV series The Six Million Dollar Man.  The series ran from 1974 to 1978 and starred the popular American actor Lee Majors who plays Colonel Steve Austin an astronaut who after an accident had body parts replaced with bionic implants and who then begins working for a secret government agency.  These bionic body parts give Steve Austin enhanced strength and speed to fight crime.

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Play Baccarat Online with Bonus in Canada!

Having a reputation for being a high stakes game, baccarat is still one of the most played casino games in the world. Thousands of Canadians enjoy the game on a daily basis, and now, with the phenomenal explosion in popularity of the online casino industry, baccarat is more accessible to Canadians than ever before.

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A Quick Review of Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a typical fruit slot machine game. It has 5 reels and 5 paylines and offers a rewarding jackpot of 5 000 coins. Novamatic software developer first released the Sizzling Hot slot and from its popularity took the next step in releasing the Deluxe version. There are no bonus games or wild symbols, but does have a scatter symbol which rewards players with random prizes.

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