The Biggest Online Casino Wins In History

Everyone dreams of striking it lucky, landing a jackpot, and never having to work again. Though few ever will land a multi-million dollar payout, those that do certainly aren’t going to complain about beating unfathomable odds. There have been some incredible online casino payouts, with amounts that really do defy even wildest expectations.

Here is a look at the biggest online casino wins in history. You’ll notice that that the Mega series of pokies features prominently, putting into perspective just how popular the progressive jackpot network is. While most of us will likely never score a jackpot of our own, it helps to remember that sometimes players really do get lucky.

Mega Moolah Leads The Charge

Imagine what you would do with an instant million dollars. Smart people will probably invest it, but that really is a matter of preference. Either way, if you’re struggling to know what to do with a million, imagine what you’d do with $11.6 million. It’s an amount that almost defies understanding, but is still what happened to this UK player. The best part is that the amount staked was just $1.50. Yes, when it comes to progressive slots, it doesn’t matter how much is staked, the jackpot is still up for grabs.

Mega Moolah Keeps On Paying

If you thought getting $11 million on a $1.50 bet was crazy, how about a bet of $0.25? That is the reality Jon Heywood, also of the UK, had to wrap his head around. Only, it wasn’t $11 million he walked away with, but a staggering $19.9 million. It isn’t clear what he did with the cash, but chances are he’s still partying to this very day.

Wait, it gets better? Yes, another big winner, and another player managing to strike it lucky with Mega Moolah. The amount paid out here was $22.4 million, and bet staked just $0.75. The winner decided to stay anonymous, but what is known is that the jackpot payout occurred in September 2018.

Mega Fortune Holds The Crown

It isn’t Mega Moolah that holds the crown for the biggest online casino payout in history. Instead that prestigious honour goes to Mega Fortune. Same series of pokies, even if by a different name. The interesting story about this unnamed Finnish player is that he actually focused most of his time on online Poker. When he decided to take a little break and spin the reels, he managed to score a jackpot payout so big that it boggles the mind.

The lucky man staked just $0.25, only to be awarded a monstrous $24 million. Most interesting of all is that when asked, the Finnish man said he has no intention of retiring from online Poker, despite now being a multi-millionaire. It looks like it was all about the entertainment of the game for him, which is something everyone can appreciate.

This is the current list of biggest online gambling casino winners. But given that new payouts are happening all the time, the list may be out of date already. In the meantime, maybe the rest of us will start figuring out how to win a jackpot of our own.