Understanding Beginner Roulette Strategies

There is something satisfying about heading online, throwing down bets on Roulette, and potentially even winning a few rounds. It’s the sort of thing seen in movies, though in cinema the hero always seems to have unnaturally high luck. In real life throwing down random bets is far less likely to succeed, and you’re almost certainly going to walk away with a lighter account.

Although easy to grasp, Roulette is a game that requires a bit of strategy in order to win bets. Mathematicians have spent decades trying to craft the perfect betting guides, many of which are extremely complicated. But since most players are looking more for a bit of fun rather than a maths lesson, let’s rather take a look at some of the basics.

Spreading Out The Bets

There aren’t many online gambling games that allow multiple bets on a single round, but Roulette does. It is all part of the design of the game, offering players the option to increase their chances of a win. But just because you can put down multiple bets, it doesn’t mean that you should do so without any thought.

With a smart approach and clearly thought out tactics a wise player will be careful about where money is staked. For example, it is a good approach to put a bet on red or black, another on the first, second or third twelve, and another on a lucky number. The chances are decent that red or black will hit, and also decent that the first, second or third twelve will hit. The chances are less that a lucky number will hit, but that is all part of strategic gambling.

The idea is to stay afloat until a lucky number does eventually pay, at which point losses sustained should be covered, and a profit made. Depending on luck, of course.

Following A Guide

For those that are ready to get serious, there are plenty of free betting guides available online. There is no guarantee that using a guide will bring bountiful payouts, but at the very least it will train a beginner player on how to think about betting smartly.

If it seems like a guide isn’t working, there is nothing stopping you from switching it out with something different. No, there is no magical guide that will always give great results. Gambling is an imperfect game, and some losses are guaranteed to be sustained. The idea is, above all else, to make enough profit to cash out while in the green.

Try Out The Martingale

The Martingale is a strategy that although simple, gives unexpectedly good results. Pick red or black, put down a starting unit of currency, say 5, and get ready for a rollercoaster. If the bet fails, replace the 5 with a 10. If it fails again, replace the 10 with 20, and so on. If the bet succeeds, always return to the starting amount, in this case 5.

It’s as easy as that. Is the system infallible? Not at all. At a certain point the bet required to keep playing will be higher than the table limit. But seeing how long it takes for this to happen will give major insight into how gambling really works.