iPhone Pai Gow Poker Details and Guide

If you enjoy playing games on your iPhone Pai Gow Poker comes highly recommended. It’s a blend of the popular card game with the Chinese domino game of Pai Gow, and uses a 53-card deck incorporating the Joker for an extra twist. It’s a refreshing change of pace, but don’t be fooled by its leisurely feel. Your potential wins will definitely get your heart racing!

Pai Gow 101

When you’re playing on an iPhone Pai Gow Poker follows the same basic principles as land-based games, but there are some key differences. In both cases you’ll be dealt 7 cards, with the objective to create a High Hand of 5 cards and a Low Hand of 2.

Up to 7 players can play an offline round, and everyone plays the Dealer in turn. In iPhone Pai Gow Poker, the game is always only between you and the casino, and you usually don’t act as Dealer. Like some other options at https://ausvegas.xyz/mac, the game starts with each player placing a bet. Once all wagers are placed, everyone gets 7 cards. If there are less than z players, the undealt cards and the 4 that would be left over anyway are left completely untouched. This means that in online versions of the game 39 cards are unseen.

Once players have their cards, they need to look at them and arrange them into the most advantageous High and Low Hand combinations. The High Hand must always be worth more than the Low Hand, and the Joker serves as a limited wild card; it can be used to complete a Flush, Straight or Straight Flush. If it can’t be used to make up one of these hands, it has to be played as an Ace. Standard Poker values and hand rankings are used except that the highest-ranked hand is Five Aces, with all 4 Aces and the Joker, and an A2345 Straight, called the Wheel, is considered the second-highest straight.

If you’re unsure how to set your cards, you can tap the House Way button and have the house do it for you, always arranging the cards optimally. Once you’ve composed your hands, you need to stand with your cards face down. The Dealer’s cards are revealed, and arranged in the best High and Low Hand combinations. Once this is done, the Showdown begins. Here, player hands are revealed and compared to the Dealer hand, with High Hand against High Hand and Low Hand against Low Hand. The round’s winner is determined the same way online and offline, but when you play iPhone Pai Gow Poker you generally lose the advantage of a Dealer turn. The possible outcomes are listed below.

  • If your Higher and Lower Hands beat the Dealer’s, you win the round
  • If both your hands are lower than the Dealer’s you lose
  • If one of your hands beat the Dealer’s and one doesn’t, a Push results
  • If both your hands tie with the Dealer, or if 1 ties and the other loses, you lose your bet
  • If 1 of your hands ties with the Dealer and the other wins, the round is a Push once again.

Have the Winning Hand

These guidelines give you game basics, but there’s so much more to discover. As you go further into the world of iPhone Pai Gow Poker, you’ll find a world of strategies, apps, websites and chatrooms all dedicated to discussing the game and helping you win. The more you learn, the more you’ll want to play and apply your knowledge, and the more you’ll win. Every game should give you more satisfaction than the one before.