Explaining about French Roulette from NetEnt

Roulette is one of the oldest of the casino games, and one of the most popular. The spinning wheel has even become the icon of casinos, as it is easily recognisable as a symbol of the gambling fun that can found there.

There are three types of roulette that people can play, French Roulette, European Roulette and American roulette. NetEnt has developed great versions of all three. French historians believe that French roulette was the original version of the game, as the word roulette means little wheel in French.

The European version was the first one, however, to become widely popular, and is still the favourite in most casinos today. European wheels have one green slot, which is the zero. There are 36 numbered slots equally divided between the red and black, and then the one green zero slot. This gives the casino operators their edge, as all takings from the roulette table are earned by the casino is when the ball falls into that green slot.

Potential Wins in All Versions

The American form of the game plays the same odds, but the spinning wheel has two green slots, the zero and the double zero. This will give the casino twice as many chances to have a ball landing in the green slots, and therefore the casino advantage is doubled, and the player has twice the chance of losing the bet.

French roulette is also played with a single green slot on the wheel, the zero. This leads people to assume it is the same game as he European version, but it is not quite the same. There is one small detail that will lower the house advantage even further, which is why people always first enquire whether there is a French roulette table available. When the player makes an outside bet, odd/even, or red/black, or any other bet paying 1:1, and the ball lands in the green slot in French roulette, half of the player’s bets is returned to him. This is known as La Partage, and can certainly make a difference to the player’s returns over the hundreds of spins made during the game.

Roulette is considerably more popular in Europe than it is in the casinos of America, as American form of the game gives players a very low return.

The Internet Has Changed Casino Play

French roulette, as other forms of roulette, is based entirely on luck. There are various ways that some players believe will increase the chances of winning, but while interesting in theory, have still to be proved in the actual play. Nevertheless, there are still certain rules the player has to know before starting the game, depending on whether he is playing French roulette or one of the other versions.

With the advent of the internet in the last couple of decades or so, casino play has changed and grown like blackjack at https://canadianonlinegambling.net/blackjack that is available on various devices. Now, with the NetEnt Professional Series, it is possible to play any casino game on a mobile device or laptop, through an online casino. These online casinos increasing daily in numbers and efficiency, enabling punters to enjoy all the excitement of gambling at a casino from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

The great game of French roulette can be enjoyed in all the multiple formats that are available at NetEnt casinos. A truly thrilling time is now accessible anywhere and at any time, with lucrative possibilities available to all who enjoy playing the game.