A Quick Review of Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a typical fruit slot machine game. It has 5 reels and 5 paylines and offers a rewarding jackpot of 5 000 coins. Novamatic software developer first released the Sizzling Hot slot and from its popularity took the next step in releasing the Deluxe version. There are no bonus games or wild symbols, but does have a scatter symbol which rewards players with random prizes.

A Sizzling Hot Look and Feel

The Sizzling Hot Deluxe logo sticks out like sore thumb; you cannot miss the red hot banner that clearly depicts the name. There is no real theme to this slot other than the fact that it’s a fruit machine and almost all symbols are of fruit. The background is plain with a faded purple background which allows the symbols to pop off the screen with their crisp and clean graphics. The biggest display of colour comes from the symbols themselves; they include the popular watermelon symbol, grapes, plums, oranges, lemons and cherries. The highest paying symbols however are not fruit symbols, they are the 7 symbol which is the jackpot symbol, and the star symbol which is the scatter symbol.

The sound effects are simple and average and kind of remind you of an typel techno video game. Every winning combination that is hit will be accompanied by a second hype in sound effects to honour the win.

How to Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe

If you’re new to the game then it’s good to know that the minimum bet per spin is 0.05 and the maximum can be up to 100. Once you’ve decided on your betting amount you can choose how many paylines you would like to play on, it’s advised to play on all 5 paylines as the payouts will then naturally be bigger.

To win you will need to land 3 or more of the same symbol. The more of the same symbol you have that match the higher the payout. The watermelon and grape symbols can pay out as much as 500 coins, the plum, the orange, the lemon and the cherries pay out a maximum of 200 coins.

The return to player (RTP) is set relatively high at above 90%.

The game is most commonly played for real money, but like bingo at https://onlinebingosweden.co/free-bingo-online-sweden, there is a free game play option that allows players to spin the reels without having to part with real money. This is great for beginners or players that are new to the game giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves beforehand.

The Lucky ‘7’ and the Scatter

The Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot doesn’t have any bonus features, and it doesn’t have a wild symbol either. The star symbol however is considered to be the scatter symbol and will pay out on any reel as long as you have 3 or more of them.

The 7 symbol is considered to be the jackpot symbol. If you get 5 of these symbols displayed on any of the reels as long as they’re on your active paylines then the jackpot of 5 000 coins will be rewarded.