The Basics For Betting On Golf

Betting on golf can be a rewarding way to interact with one of the most popular sports on the planet.

Due to it being widely televised, bettors are never left in the dark as far as regular updates and the availability of information are concerned.

Below is a helpful guide to breaking down the different types of golf bets.

Betting On The Winner

This is an exceptionally popular bet. It is usually placed before the start of the tournament and is therefore called a “futures” wager.

By betting on the winner, the punter predicts who they think will emerge the ultimate winner of the tournament.

The Head-To-Head Bet

This is a standard option in most betting golf events.

A bookie will typically offer lines for who the bettor thinks will score the lowest between two players in a tournament.

Many bookies even offer head-to-head odds for every round forming part of a tournament.

The First-Round Leader

Betting on the first-round leader is just about the best way to breathe excitement into the first 18 holes of a tournament.

Instead of predicting the outright winner of the tournament, you’ll be betting on who you think will emerge the leader after the initial round of play.


Picking winners from each nationality competing in a tournament makes for an interesting prop bet.

For example, if you believe Tiger Woods will win the tournament, then you’ll place your bet on the chance that the winner will come from the United States.

Other favourite prop bets include whether there will be a hole-in-one, whether the tournament will go to a play-off, and even which golfer will shoot the best score during any given round.

Top Tournaments To Bet On

The biggest tournaments to be on in golf are The Masters, US Open, PGA Championship, and the British Open Championship.

The Masters is a popular event for those who enjoy betting on golf. It is played in April every year and marks the start of the annual golfing season.

The second annual major tournament, the PGA Championship, tees off in May. With a prize pool of $12 million, it’s an exciting tournament to follow and bet on.

The US Open gets underway in June, and is played at The Country Club in Brookline, MA. This particular tournament has the reputation of being the most difficult of the four majors as far as overall scoring is concerned. Important to keep in mind when betting on the US Open is that the champion often finishes only a few strokes under par.

The Open Championship is the final major on our list and tees off in July. Also referred to as the British Open, it is played at Scotland’s Old Course at St. Andrews.

Mighty Good Odds Everywhere

But the four majors aren’t the only one’s worth betting on.

Other significant events on the annual PGA Tour include: The Northern Trust, The Players Championship, the Tour Championship, the BMW Trust, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the AT&T Byron Nelson.