Best Tips For Betting On MMA

Betting on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a rapidly growing market for sports bettors all over the world.

This is a sport that has a passionate fan-base of followers, and folks who love to dig deep when betting on everything from the UFC to smaller competitions and leagues.

Typically, available types of bets will depend on the size and prominence of a bout, with big-name title fights capable of unleashing several exciting markets.

Below is a discussion of the three most popular MMA bets, as well as a few great tips to get you started.

Odds To Win

This is the simplest bet available when wagering on an bout. The punter will in this instance predict the winner of the fight.

For setting this market, bookmakers will make use of head-to-head moneylines by employing a probability rating for each fighter.

Some bookies will even offer a third option for odds to win, being a draw. Since a draw doesn’t occur very often in the world of MMA, such a bet will usually carry a very lucrative payout.

Method Of Victory

Betting on a fighter’s method of victory is known as a prop bet. By taking part in this market, the punter will choose which mode of victory the fighter will utilise to win the bout.

Popular examples of method of victory bets include the following:

  • Win by decision
  • Win by submission
  • Win by knockout

Since all prop markets require a much more specific prediction to be made, the payouts here are generally very good.

Rounds Totals

Our third example is extremely popular among many punters.

For example, the over/under option for round totals requires of the bettor to predict when the fight will end.

Bookmakers will start off by setting an over/under total for the expected number of rounds to be completed. What’s more, a price will be set for both the over and the under, all depending on the probability of the bout reaching a specific total of rounds.

Tip #1 – Different Styles

The very essence of MMA is fighters bringing different styles to the cage. This has the tendency to create unique matchups. For example, while some fighters take on a more upright stance, others are better skilled in styles such as jiu-jitsu, wrestling, etc.

When betting on MMA, it is important to take the varying styles of the particular fighters into account. This is mainly because a fighter’s ability to defend certain styles can lead to a definite advantage or disadvantage.

Tip #2 – Personal Records

When setting odds for any fight, bookmakers will always consider each fighter’s record.

While records can be misleading, it does help for the bettor to dive deep into previous results when trying to make an analysis and prediction.

Tip #3 – Injuries

Since MMA is such a physical sport, not to mention one of pure combat, it does come with its fair share of injuries.

At times, the severity of injuries can cause a fighter to be benched for months at a time.

When such a fighter returns to the cage, it becomes crucial for bettors to consider the impact of the time away on the fighter’s come-back abilities.