Treasure Room Online Slot Basics

The Treasure Room slot machine game, created by Betsoft, is a simple, straightforward online gambling experience. It does away with unnecessary bells and whistles to offer a pure, easy to understand slot machine game. Although using animated icons, there is little in the way of dazzling effects, allowing for quick turnaround time between spins.  There are a number of bonus features, including a progressive jackpot, which is the fastest way to strike it instantly rich.

Basic Play

The Treasure Room slot machine game has a collection of simple play symbols, each with a set value. These include an hourglass, map, and blue vial, which are the lowest value symbols, plus a ring, roman helmet and coins, which are of medium value. The gems and treasure chest are the big winners, and will payout substantially when matched a minimum of three times, and maximum of times. Look out also for the sword and shield, which are a major payout, and the gold disk, which triggers the special mini-game.

Free and Real Play Options

Like sic bo at, the Treasure Room slot machine game is available to play online, both for free, and using real money. If you wish to play for real money, please ensure you have an active account and available play funds. If you do not have an account, please create one. This can be done quickly by supplying required personal details. These include a name, email address, telephone number and physical address. Once you are logged into your account, cash can be added by making a deposit. This will require bank account details, and will deposit the money instantly into the gambling account. If wishing to play for free, simply do not log into an account and virtual currency will be added to the bank balance. Please keep in mind that the game’s jackpot may only be won if you are playing for real money. Any jackpots won during free play will not result in a real money payout, and will be lost.

Progressive Jackpot and Bonuses

The progressive jackpot is displayed at the top of the screen, and will grow larger as the game progresses. The player may win the progressive jackpot by matching the treasure chest a total of five times. Keep in mind that the jackpot may only be won if the player has set the game to the max bet option. The golden disk is a symbol the player will want to see as often as possible. If matched with itself three times, the golden disk will start the bonus mini-game. The player will be allowed to choose from three doors. Behind each door are three precious stones. The player may keep selecting doors, and stones, revealing cash bonuses, until a pick reveals the end game message. If the player manages to collect three winning stones, a huge cash bonus is awarded. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the play rules the view pay button may be tapped at any time, found at the upper right of the screen.