Gladiator Online Slot Explained for You

The Gladiator slot machine game, created by Betsoft, features animated 3D models, an interactive soundtrack, and even gives players the chance to bet on gladiator matches. Played directly online, the game uses a five reel, thirty play line system, allowing players to adjust the number of play lines, as well as the bet per line. This means increased flexibility, letting a balance between money upfront versus statistical chance of achieving a win be found.

The game is available to play for free, or for real money making deposits with Debit Card, and can be played on all modern play platforms.

Standard Play Features

The symbols of the Gladiator slot game are deigned to fit the theme, and come to life when landing in a winning sequence. Each symbol features an animation that will trigger upon a payout being won, adding a degree of dazzling entertainment to the proceedings. The lowest paying symbols in the game are the coliseum, flag, and golden chalice, which will give only a small amount if in a sequence. The flail, sword and tiger are of moderate value, giving a decent payout. The bag of coins and horse are a welcome sight, giving a reasonable payout, while the two fighters are the most valuable symbols in the game. The real money, however, is earned during the fully animated gladiator fights.

Multiple Bonus Features

There are many special features in the Gladiator slot machine game. A princess in the first position on any reel will grant two extra wilds in the play area. The hero fighter in any position on reel three will turn that reel into wilds. Three door symbols in any position will allow the player to tap on, revealing a cash prize. And, the big winner, the hero, coliseum and villain consecutively appearing on the positions will trigger the battle mini-game. This allows the player to bet on a fighter, after which the battle will be fought. If the player bets correctly, an instant cash prize is awarded. This bonus-mini-game occurs fairly frequently.

Available Play Platforms

Like craps at, Gladiator slot machine game is available to play on all modern platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer. With a user friendly, one touch interface, the game played on touch screens offers a smooth game play experience. The game symbols are also high detail and boldly designed, meaning that even small mobile phone screens are an acceptable play platform. If playing on home computer or laptop, the game will open directly in a web browser, such as Google Chrome or internet explorer. The mouse is used as the primary play interface, and with the generally larger screens on these devices they offer an optimal game play experience. On any of the play devices, real play and free play is available. If wanting to play for real money, please log into an active account and ensure that play funds are available. If you do not yet have an account, please create one, providing a name, email address, physical address and phone number. Bank account details will also be required in order to make cash deposits into the account, or withdraw winnings.