Motorsport Betting Guide for Punters Online

A Quick guide on what to look for when betting on motorsport. A few tips and pointers to help make your motorsport bets really count and better understanding on the conditions surrounding the sport. This article will point mainly towards outside research, but if you have the time to learn the race, motorsport betting can be a very lucrative game.


Motorsports has a rather large variety of sections, with many different classes, races and disciplines going on throughout the year it can seem like a bettor’s dream to have something good to bet on every week for virtually the whole year.

For a newer bettor or just somebody new to the motorsport betting scene I would generally not recommend trying to extend yourself to several different disciplines. Research plays a big part in motorsport betting and you may find yourself overwhelmed if you choose to bet on several disciplines at the same time, if possible, rather choose one or two disciplines to bet on.

There is a large variety of disciplines available, for any newcomer I would generally recommend one of three; formula 1, NASCAR or world endurance championship. All of these are widely broadcast, run on the same tracks every year, have a majority similar field every year and are easy to do research on. This research will be vital to your success.


In the previous points you would have seen research mentioned several times, below we will highlight some key factors which you should be trying to research before placing a specific bet. While some motorsports may have a few additional points that you can look into, we will be covering points that are applicable to any of the motorsports mentioned above.

  • Track history and changes – motorsport tend to repeat itself more so than other sports, the first thing you would want to look into should be what happened at that particular track in the last three years. For example, at the moment in F1 Mercedes is extremely quick on the more technical tracks, betting against them at a track like Suzuka would not be a wise bet.
  • The rule changes – every year almost all motorsport has incremental but noticeable changes, these changes most commonly effect the aerodynamics of a car which can lead to vastly different results on the track. Get to know the rule changes and try find the opinions of the teams on these changes. These small rules stand to change a lot on the track.
  • The drivers – while at an extremely high level, most drivers will have more similar driving styles than different, there will always be key elements to look for when trying to find the driver that you think will win. For example, in WEC 24 Hours of Le Mans a driver’s direct speed is often outclassed by their ability to race reliably in all weather conditions and at night. A Fast driver in endurance racing is usually very different from a fast driver in Formula one. Knowing a driver’s strengths and weaknesses could be key to secure your win.