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Sell your Old Phone System
in 3 EASY Steps!!!



  1. Download this inventory sheet
  2. Email us your inventory sheet to the email address pictured below to get bids from over 20 vendors who buy business telephone systems.  sellmyphones@telephoneguru.net
  3. Watch the bids pour in


More Details Below

The Best Way to get the most money for your used telephone equipment is to submit details on your system to multiple vendors, and then let them competitively bid on it. I have assembled a list of over 20 of the top equipment buyers in Texas and across the United States to purchase your used telephone system equipment. This is a free service I offer to my clients!

My clients who buy new Business Telephone Systems often need help selling their old telephone system equipment, so it only made sense to me to put together something automated to assist them. No need to fish around online or waste your valuable time and money listing your equipment on auction sites and hoping for results. 

Go right to the source: Buyers who want your used telephone equipment! Please follow these easy steps to liquidate your system at your convenience. Remember, equipment is worth more when taken from a working environment, so timing is key, especially when you are moving.

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